Leo are truly the only non-bionic son on Davenport-Dooley relatives until you Published Exactly what

Leo are truly the only non-bionic son on Davenport-Dooley relatives until you Published Exactly what

, in which he gets bionic as a result of Douglas giving him bionic components due to the fact his case try harmed by Taylor. Afterwards, into the Increase of your Wonders Troops, the guy unlocked a new ability. He could be supportive off their mom’s marriage to Donald Davenport. On their first-day moving into their stepfather’s mansion, he fulfilled Adam, Bree and you will Pursue. He was connected to them soon and you may addressed them given that their very own sisters. At school, Leo is considered the child within „base of system“ since the he is among the many smart infants (Smash, Chop and you will Shed). Yet not, with the aid of their sisters, he was in a position to rise the fresh ‚food chain‘ and you may initiate to acquire present in university.

Leo is actually dedicated, caring, and smart. They have displayed these types of characteristics in almost any factors, specially when their family is in it. Into the Seasons step 1, he showed his support so you can their siblings by the staying with her or him despite the options that he might possibly be damage (Rats towards the a subway); from the sacrificing their day that have Janelle-and eventually, his shelter-when the odds of him or her perishing became forthcoming (Straight back Regarding the Coming); and also by keeping the magic of using their bionics in school even after its end result out-of him being unable to go to an event they are been searching toward planning to (Mission Undetectable). He suggests that the guy cares for them and you can about it end up being during the remote situations, like when he anticipate Chase so you can receive himself by allowing him use their tip so you can overcome brand new exoskeleton (Exoskeleton against. Grandma); when he apologized to Adam and you may Chase getting indicating him or her upwards on dancing (Leo’s Jam); and whenever the guy securities having Donald (Ought i Obtain the new Chopper?). His question more than its really-getting is visible way more when you look at the Seasons 2. Shortly after finding out the truth about him, the guy became so much more aware in their mind, also risking themselves once again to prove so you can their family unit members brand new risk you to definitely Marcus gifts (Leo versus Worst).

Having fun with their knowledge of technology and you can street smarts to get rid of an effective high-rates illustrate (Mice towards the a subway) and you may applying the simple something the guy notices so you’re able to sink aside a dangerous gasoline during the a mission (Missin‘ the new Objective) are a couple of era. Not surprisingly, towards several occasions, the guy fails to bring membership of the prospective outcomes of their actions.

His cleverness and you can condition-fixing experience attended to play in many period

However, Leo will likely be pushy and mind-depending in certain cases, which is due to his unpopularity. He’s rooked their siblings‘ bionics several times. They have utilized Bree’s look at him because her absolutely nothing sis to capture a drive to help you his kinds and also his ‚forgotten‘ homework (S’s super stamina to profit the college physical fitness complications (Dying Spiral Smackdown); together with father-boy relationship he or she is formed that have Donald being find a film his mommy forbade him to see (Chore Wars). Leo along with rapidly transforms pompous in the event the things begin to go his means, and you can serves stuck up, generally speaking leading to him losing to the ground sorely. The guy as well as have a tendency to punches his victory or commitments of ratio, to make themselves away while the way more essential, popular, and successful than just he really is.

Up on Donald’s demand, he remaining free Biker Sites adult dating check out over his sisters, particularly when they certainly were to Marcus (Rate Caught up)

Leo also offers a practice of creating his or her own dilemmas; such as for instance, he had caught up in the Dominating Perry’s individual lift, he is actually playing with despite college students becoming taboo (Processor chip Key); him persuading Bree in order to misuse her bionic singing manipulation resulting in both of them being located (Brother Off) and disabling Chase’s bionics and inadvertently amplifying his bionic aggression (Spike’s Got Skill ). The guy together with tend to lies, and uses lying to attempt to resolve their issues, generally speaking unnecessarily; although not, this backfires into the your because it possess remaining anyone else distrusting of your, meaning the guy often has actually difficulties convincing him or her even when telling the fresh details, just like the demonstrated along with his perform to share with him or her Marcus are worst.